„Kas notiek Latvijā?”(“What is Happening in Latvia?”)

The public debates “What is Happening in Latvia?” was one of the most popular original broadcast programmes among the ones offered by the television market. Jānis Domburs has been the host of the programme since its creation (year 2001). The programme was broadcasted live on Latvian Television channel I from 21:20 till 22:35 every Wednesday.
The webpage offers the videos of the programme, the database of the participants, the transcripts, the articles of the host and editorial staff as well as the articles published in other media.
During the last 6 years, the programme has become a part of the political and social life of Latvia. The debate themes include nearly all political, economical, legal, social, environmental, cultural and other current events.
The debates have been carried out before and after different essential events such as the elections of the Latvian Parliament, local governments, Euro Parliament, the President and other officials; the establishment and collapse of the government; joining the European Union, etc.
Popular politicians, supreme officials, representatives of nongovernmental organisations, experts, business persons, etc. have participated in the debates; all in all more that 900 participants have already taken part in the programme.
Jānis Domburs has been working for different media institutions since 1990. During the period between 1994 and 2001 he established and managed the Independent information and research office which specialised in investigative journalism and realised various media and informative projects as well as developed the magazine “Baltic Course” (“Baltijas Kurss”)  in Russian and English.
Jānis Domburs wrote the journalistic investigation book “Who Stole Three Millions?” in 1998 . The book covers the issue of one of the most scandalous larcenies in the recent history of Latvia.
The programme as well as Jānis Domburs has received the awards of National Radio and Television Board and the Association of Latvian Press publishers.
Armands Zvirbulis has been the director of the programme since it was formed. Ilze Strenga was first the producer and now she is the project manager. Since the foundation of Ltd “Domburs” in 2006, the editorial and direction tasks as well as developmental projects, have been carried out by the company. The crew consists of producer Agnese Štrause, journalist Lāsma Rozenfelde.
Kas notiek Latvijā?”
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